Feminine Energy: Modern Dating & Courtship

Last week’s written piece focused on characteristics of feminine charm, and how the egg is the purest and most natural form of true feminine energy; it manifests itself in passivity, calmly and confidently waiting for the masculine to proceed forward; it does not chase-it waits. The masculine, by contrast, actively pursues and competes for the feminine’s attention.

However, the realms of modern-day dating and courtship have seen a shift in roles, where many men have taken on more passive feminine energy, confidently waiting for women to compete for their attention. Because women have grown accustomed to taking initiative and more aggressive approaches in their professional and family lives, we tend to forget our most natural state of confidently relaxing in our natural element while allowing others to come to us. Consequently, women can get overly eager, impatient, or even anxious in waiting. Women have grown to love the pursuit and competition.

And although men might initially find themselves flattered at a flock of hard-charging women competing for his attention, masculine men will eventually grow tired of, or repulsed by, women who [consistently] emit masculine energy and aggression towards them. These women will very well later find themselves confused and frustrated at how these men have suddenly lost interest.

Why? Because the energies aren’t in balance. Same energies do not attract one another. Opposites, however, do. A masculine man will be more naturally drawn to a feminine woman. Additionally, a man who is in his feminine energy could very well be drawn to a woman in her masculine energy. An example of this is found in couples where, quite obviously, the woman calls most of the shots while her man is the more submissive of the two.

So ladies, if you desire a masculine man, allow men to pursue you. Sit back, relax, and confidently know that you are the prize to be won. Some men might not initially like putting in the effort to do so. However, in the end, masculine men will more than likely enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Stay tuned for the next Feminine Friday. Have a great weekend.