I'm a luxury portrait and elopement photographer based out of Lubbock, Texas. My work can be described as uniquely imperfect, dreamy and ethereal. I believe that mood and story can-and should-be reflected through a photographed memory. I've dedicated 12 years to mastering the many elements that make a single photo worth "a thousand words."

I love staying at home but I also enjoy meeting new people with whom I can hopefully develop life-long relationships with. After closing an amazing nine-year chapter as a U.S. Navy Officer, I'm now pursing design and photography as full-time professions.

I work hard, but I love to play. My idea of a good time can range from a good book and coffee on a rainy day, to jumping out of a plane after a stressful week. The inner child lives within us all!

Each day is a blessing and an opportunity for beautiful women like us to design our lives the way we desire. I'm an advocate for self-discovery, an admirer of feminine energy and grace, and a pupil of mystery and contradictions.

Beauty and abundance starts from within and, with enough introspection, elegantly exudes outward. Celebrate your beauty and free-spirit. I'm here to capture this within you, through timeless portraits, so that you can inspire others to follow suite.

Cat Warren, San Diego Portrait Photographer

Cat Warren, San Diego, CA Photographer

Mission Statement

Devoted to elegantly capturing dreamy and moody imagery for beautiful women.


To accentuate and capture your untamed beauty and classic feminine charm by incorporating mood, story, and design.

Core Values

Inspire another through encouragement, compassion, and beautiful experiences.

Accentuate & Create

...beautiful art. Bring out the Glow.


...write your story. But without hesitation. Make every day memorable.