She does bold things in quiet ways...

Do you know the story behind Lady Godiva? Or perhaps the question should be whether these portraits reminded you of her story? For several months, I played around with the idea of creating a version of this elegant and empowering free-spirit. She had to be seductive, graceful and mysterious. In search of a subject, I used Instagram as my base. I immediately noticed Lindsey. She was naturally beautiful with a hint of wild as seen in her eyes. I messaged her for the first time, not knowing if she would ever respond. Thankfully she had.

Next, of course, there was Lady Godiva's horse. Finding an equestrian service that allowed partial to full nudity on its horses was perhaps the biggest challenge. Thankfully I'm located in southern California, where odd and eccentric requests are actually considered and entertained. I was able to find a ranch in Redlands, California whose owners were gracious enough to agree to my idea.

Finally, there was the question of the presentation, "how to present the story?" I wanted to bring Lady Godiva to life through an elegant infusion of seduction, elegance and old world class. Nudity would be required; I knew I would have to balance it with much elegance and grace in order for it to be considered beautiful and opposite of vulgar. So I used the concept of old world Pictorialism in order to make a modern rendition of Lady Godiva into a rare, one-of-a-kind portrait.

With all of the elements finally in place, we met in Redlands and executed the portraits you see below. What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear what you think. Do you have a story to tell? I would love to capture yours. Contact me now, join the squad, and let's design your story.