As a beautiful woman,

I understand just how important it is to have a great skin-care routine. As a portrait photographer in San Diego, I recognize it's even more important to capture that beautiful glow in other beautiful women. So, here are three tips-from my personal routine-to help you prepare for your luxury portrait session and ensure your skin glows on your special day:

Raw Shea Butter

A few weeks before your portrait session, invest in raw shea butter and apply daily or as generously as preferred. Raw shea butter (not the lotion) has many benefits including its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, it won't make your skin oily, and can actually boost collagen production.

I usually apply a generous amount to my face twice a day: before bedtime and upon waking. Once I allow it to settle and dry for about 10 minutes, I then apply my liquid foundation and finishing powder.

Personally, I love the dewey effect shea butter gives, especially with a fresh application of makeup. Most importantly, with consistent use, it has helped to reduce my pores and has helped to slow the production of wrinkles.

Blocks of raw shea butter can easily be bought online and usually includes reviews from other customers, which verifies credibility of the product and its vendors.

Tip: raw shea butter can be applied more easily if you warm and melt it in between your fingers and hands before applying to your face.


For me, I've found that a good two week's worth of consistent cardio exercise has helped my skin to look more healthy and youthful.

I'm sure you know consistent exercise can boost your mood, promote good rest, and increase your overall confidence and well-being; you want to have all of these aspects present during the day of your portrait session.

A few weeks leading up to your photo shoot, reserve a block of time in your daily schedule to exercise. Most importantly, stay consistent. As you know, the sense of accomplishment and release of endorphins, right after a work-out, feel amazing.

I previously mentioned cardio exercise; however, the types of exercise are limitless. I personally like to switch my days up between cardio HIIT and weight-lifting. Additionally, I recently became aware that I dedicate 14-hours a week to just walking my dog. I also dedicate 15-minutes each morning to stretching my hamstrings, shoulders, and back.


Drink more water for a healthy glow. Easier said than done? No worries, I understand. I actually struggle to drink water consistently. Why? Because water is just...well, boring. Why drink water for most of the day when I can drink something more exotic and savory? Like a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee during the day, or perhaps a good mixed whisky sour with extra maraschino cherries during the evening. Of course, you can have these too. Yet, your skin-and the rest of your body-heavily depends on a plentiful amount of water each day to stay, look, and feel its healthiest.

So what can you do to make drinking water more fun and enticing? Get creative with it. Take me for example. Each morning, I'll fill up a pitcher of water with either some fruit and/or herbs like sage or basil. Some delicious combinations for infused water include the following: strawberry and basil, orange and sage, cucumber and lemon, blackberry and mint.

Another creative tip to stay consistent with your daily water consumption goal is to gage the amount of water you drink using a larger and measurable reservoir. For instance, I try to drink 90 to 100 ounces of water each day, but my goal is much easier to achieve if I drink either two 50-ounce bottles of water in a day, or two glass pitchers of water a day.