I mostly photograph women.

But there are times that I also photograph men. When I do, however, many rules of posing change. Your photographer should be aware of this; otherwise, your portraits might appear unnatural. There are many rules to posing in photography; but, your photographer should focus on the golden rule when posing male subjects/models:

GOLDEN RULE: Limit the curves on males. When posing men, men should-most of the time-face the camera head on. Masculine energy naturally exudes a bold and outward demeanor. A good photographer will capture this by posing his/her model without many curves. Think "square" in appearance-same shoulder level, chest out and body in direct line with the camera, eyes looking directly into the camera. This exudes confidence and strength. By contrast, women's strength can be found in poses that are opposite from that of men: poses that accentuate her natural curves while adding a sense of mystery and allure through elusive postures. Think indirect gazes, and a playful-yet mysterious-demeanor.

I've included a video on how to photograph men below. We shot photos at the beach in beautiful Coronado island. For fellow photographers, do you agree with the feedback? Feel free to let me know. And for those searching for a photographer for your next portrait session, contact me for a consultation.