The Secret to a Great Photograph is...

Well, for us photographers, it's not quite a secret. But composition-essentially, the way a photograph is composed and set up, is one way to achieve a portrait that really stands out. Perhaps there've been many times where you've stumbled across a good photo, but just never knew exactly why. Yes, there are many photographic elements that contribute to a great photo. But chances are, composition had much to do with it.

So, when you're looking for a photographer for your next portrait shoot, keep composition in mind. Ask the following questions:

How does my photographer set up the overall picture?

How does my photographer intentionally put me within my surroundings in order to tell my story?

How does my photographer use light within the photo to make me stand out?

How does my photographer use lines and forms-within my surroundings-to frame me in the photo?

Does my photographer use clean backgrounds to create contrast between me and the rest of the environment?

If you are in San Diego and are looking for a professional portrait photographer, then contact me for your next session. Have a great day, everyone!

Elopement Photograph of Couple in San Diego Central Public Library. San Diego, California
Small studio light portrait of beautiful woman. San Diego, CA
Vibrant natural light portrait of beautiful black woman at Heritage Park, Old Town San Diego, CA
Ethereal and dreamy portrait of beautiful woman on the beach. Coronado, CA
Dreamy portrait of a woman in the desert. Glamis, CA
Natural light portrait of parents and child at Balboa Park. San Diego, CA
Natural light portrait of beautiful black woman at Balboa Park. San Diego, CA