The Art of Feminine Energy

How to Activate One's Own

Modern-day femininity is an art. Only a few have it mastered. Today’s societal women juggle a collection of porcelain plates on sticks. The modern woman works her business, cares for her family while she diligently attempts to take care of herself. It’s easy to lose momentum of at least one aspect of our lives.

So you wonder why femininity is rare? We constantly manifest masculine energy daily. And yet, what does this all mean? First, feminine energy can be traced down to the cellular level: the egg. It’s calm and comfortable in its element. Further, it confidently waits for the masculine form, which competes against others, to win her over.

Femininity therefore manifests itself in a woman’s cellular blue-print. It’s only natural for a woman to create a state of serenity and comfort in her environment, while she confidently awaits the one who is bold, adventurous and strong enough to win her over.

Further, historic recollections of hunter-gatherer eras often mention women nurturing and supporting one another and their children, while the men actively hunted for and protected their families.

Yet, we now see a modern societal shift that enables women to take on more masculine roles, allowing us to independently provide for ourselves and our families. And as liberating as this is, a woman today who knows how to balance both masculine and feminine energy in all realms of her life is quite rare.

There’s a misconception on what exactly feminine energy is. Many people are quick to mistake feminine energy as passive energy, further making the argument that passivity is weakness. This is, however, far from the truth. There is much seduction from a quiet and graceful woman who is able to confidently envelop herself in a cloak of mystery, compared to the woman in the middle of the room who is loudly demonstrating a plea for validation.

So without further anticipation, here are a few characteristics of feminine charm, along with ways to activate each:

Be Mysterious.

People enjoy what they can’t figure out from time to time. Let them wonder about you. This goes for all of you: emotional and physical.

Speak Slowly.

...and vary your pitch accordingly. Angelina Jolie, former President John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and other seductive figures in history used their slow voice and pitch to win over their audience.

Work on Yourself.

The more you self-reflect and work on yourself, the happier you’ll feel. We attract what we are. Truly loving yourself allows you to comfortably sit back and allow others to come to you.

Allow Men to be Men.

Good, strong men are naturally protective with a propensity to provide for the ones whom they love. He understands you’re just as strong and independent as he is. However, a woman who is confident enough to still allow him to take care of you is quite charming.

Stay tuned for next week’s Feminine Friday, as I’ll continue our discussion on feminine charm and how we can use it to our advantage in the realm of dating and courtship.