I love early mornings without obligations. Especially ones accompanied by raindrops...

Here in San Diego lately, we've received our fair share of rainy mornings. This morning is no different. I've listened to the sound of rain drops thumping on the shingles since 4:30. I've come to enjoy it. But I love it even more when all I'm required to do is pour myself a cup of fresh, hot coffee, sit back and take pleasure in the silence before even most morning-admirers awake.

This morning's rainy episode reminded me of my last portrait shoot. It also had rained that day. I was at Balboa Park, accompanied by my friend, Tcha. Also a fellow photographer, she assisted me with the shoot. We chose an aesthetically pleasing spot at the beautiful pavilion, set up a table in the midst of fog, and draped a white tablecloth over it. We then slid a beautiful box of macarons open, unveiling a color pop of delicious flavors: Sicilian pistachios, raspberry ganache, Madagascar vanillas, lemon creams, and basil white chocolates. Each dainty macaron composed of a creamy and tart center. We savored a few before our model arrived.

And then she arrived. I had never seen Jimin before that foggy, rainy morning. Yet, I'll always remember my thoughts as I turned towards her voice, "hello, Cat," [Pause.] Now, some of you might speculate a certain notion...allow me to preface. Women aren't my thing. But gentlemen are. However, I do appreciate beauty when I see it. And my goodness, she was beautiful. Skin like porcelain, extremely well mannered, poised and nearly as sweet as those macarons I deemed my breakfast. "Jimin," I smiled. "Are you ready?"

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