A femme fatale.

No one is as seductive as she. So how does a boudoir photographer capture this femme fatale within all of her clients? It's quite simple, if your portrait photographer does the following:

1) Schedule a pre-shoot consultation. This consultation serves as a rapport builder between you and your photographer. Besides, wouldn't you want to feel comfortable with the person who will eventually be taking your photographs? Questions like, "what type of story/narrative would you like to tell through these portraits," "what are your interests," and "what are your pet peeves," are rudimentary but helpful questions. By knowing what you enjoy doing, what you hate, and what you're comfortable with, your photographer will be able to draw out your natural charm on the day of your portrait session.

2) Develop a narrative and character. Anyone can take sexy photos. But, how many of these photos look natural and elegant? As a California and Texas boudoir photographer, I'll be the first to say that there is a huge difference between "sexy" and "seductive." Seductive portraits are classy, moody, and elegant. A good portrait photographer will aim for seduction by working with you on a storyline. "What type of character would you like to become on your portrait day?" Your answer will lead to other questions like, "what should I wear," "Where should we shoot," and "how should I pose?" By brainstorming a story, your photographer will be able to actually tell a story rather than taking just a bunch of random and sexy photos.

3) Properly pose you. The human form naturally bends. Have you ever noticed portraits of people that look a bit odd? Perhaps the people in them look slightly stiff? Why is this so? By contrast, have you studied classical art and noticed many of these subjects are posed in ways where their bodies are bent? They look more natural, don't they? That's because the human anatomy is comprised of multiple joints throughout the body. These joints, like our elbows, knees, and even our fingers, are made to slightly bend.

Hire a photographer who knows about posing theory-not just a photographer who has memorized several poses in a book. He or she will be able to pose you, from head to toe, slightly bending parts of your body like your fingers and arms; and elongating other parts of your body like your back...all of which will accentuate your natural curves and provide beautiful, seductive, and natural portraits.

The below portraits are of my San Diego boudoir shoot with Lyndsey. We shot at the San Diego Marriott, Gaslamp Quarter. I've shot with Lyndsey multiple times, so this boudoir session was quite fun. Can you tell, by looking at these portraits, that we were comfortable with one another? Just another portrait session in the books...