A Classic Portrait...

...does not always require color. A black and white palette can suffice, and in ideal instances, serves as an elegant work of art for an audience. A black and white portrait can be captivating based on the story it portrays, the mystery it delivers, and the mood it provokes. All of these things can be successfully accomplished by the photographer through great rapport between her and her client(s).

All that a good black and white photograph requires is mood. This can be accomplished through a confident client. And this confidence can easily be created through her relationship with her photographer. As a portrait photographer here in southern California, I prefer to meet with my clients a couple of weeks before the portrait session, in order for them to feel comfortable by the time of the shoot. By this time, not only are we comfortable with each other, but we also have fun with each others' company. Here are a few of my favorite black and white portraits I have taken through time. What do you think? Contact me to reserve your next portrait session. =)

Black and white portrait of beautiful girl and stallion. Redlands, CA
Black and white elopement portrait of couple in San Diego public library. San Diego, CA
Black and white portrait of Asian model. Studio lighting. San Diego, CA
Black and white boudoir portrait of beautiful Asian woman. San Diego, CA.
Black and white natural light portrait of beautiful woman on black horse. Redlands, CA
Black and white portrait of beautiful ebony model in the desert. Glamis Sandunes. Glamis, CA
Black and white in-studio portrait of beautiful laughing woman wearing a hat. San Diego, CA